Connecting Personally-Owned Laptops to the WSU Campus Wireless Network

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IMPORTANT: All computer equipment attached to the WSU network MUST have a current subscription for antivirus protection.


Authenticated Users (WSU students and WSU employees)

  • Wired Access. Use a network cable to connect your laptop to any network port on campus.
  • Wireless Access. Follow the instructions to connect to the secure warrior wireless network.
  • Available Resources. Once connected via wire or wireless, you will be able to:
    • Access the Web using your preferred browser
    • Employees: Access network file directories (e.g., personal, department). Once connected, run \\\dfs\employees. You will see five folders and be prompted for your WSU username and password. Inside that location are folders for “PersonalStorage” along with ClassStorage, Department, GroupStorage, and Web-Course1.
    • Students: Access network file directories (e.g., personal, class). Once connected, run \\\dfs\students. You will see four folders and be prompted for your WSU username and password. Inside that location are folders for “PersonalStorage” along with ClassStorage, GroupStorage, and Web-StudentWebs.
  • Unavailable Resources. You will not be able to access the following using a personally-owned device:
    • WSU Licensed software (this software is available to all students in the Library Information Gallery-desktop computers)

Technical Support Assistance for setting up wireless

We encourage students to attempt setting up wireless access on their own with the directions given above. If assistance is needed after this attempt the following will apply before a Technician is assigned at the Technical Support Center:

  • The computer must have one of the following Antivirus installed with a current subscription:
    • Webroot AntiVirus
    • Kaspersky Antivirus
    • Norton (Symantec) Antivirus
    • McAfee Antivirus
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • The computer must have Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, or Macintosh Leopard or Snow Leopard operating system.

Students or Guests receiving assistance for wireless at the Technical Support Center will be billed at a rate of $60 per hour (15 minute intervals). The Technical Support Center will not provide assistance to personally owned laptops for problems such as installation of software, hardware or software troubleshooting (except for wireless setup), or operating system problems.

Efforts will be made to avoid loss of data or corruption of data or software, but the TSC does not assume responsibility for loss or corruption of data and software. Assistance is provided with the assumption that the client has backed up all important data. Clients will not be reimbursed for loss of data or loss of software. The Technical Support Center provides assistance for wireless setup on personally owned laptops on a best effort basis and may not be able to successfully set up wireless in all situations.

Network Cables

Network cables can be checked out from the Technical Support Center in Somsen 207 or the Information Gallery in Darrell W. Krueger Library. They can also be purchased from the Bookstore.

Software Purchasing for WSU students with personally-owned computers

All WSU students have access to purchase software for personally owned computers at a very reduced student rate. Some of the software packages available include: Microsoft Office, Adobe software, and upgrades to operating systems. Visit On the Hub for more information

Software Home Use Program for students

WSU students can purchase software at a substantially reduced rate for use on a personally-owned laptop.

More information on the On The Hub.

Laptop Rental

PC and Mac laptops can be rented by both guests and authenticated users for short term use. Rates and additional information.

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