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Reset your WSU password

As most students are aware, WSU passwords must be changed every 180 days. Typically, an email will be sent several days before this expiration date instructing the student to reset his or her password before it expires. In the past, if a password expired, that student would have to come into tech support to get it reset. A new system has been implemented so that the student can reset his or her expired password themselves without coming in. This can be done from any computer that's connected to the internet, anywhere. The following steps detail how to configure the new system for later use.

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System Configuration


  • Click "I am a Student or Alumni".

Reset screen1.png

  • Choose the correct option:

I am a Current Student, New Student or Alumni and

  • I know my username and password but I want to change my password
  • I know my username but I forgot my password. I need to reset my password.
  • I don't know my username OR password and need to look up my username.

WsuPWreset options.png

  • Enter your WSU username into the text field shown below:
  • Click "Go".


  • Enter in the last four digits of your social security number. Enter the last four digits of your SEVIS ID if you are a foreign exchange student.
  • Click "Continue"


  • Select "Change My Password"


  • Select "Can't Remember Password?"


  • Type in your new password then Click "Go".


  • Change Computer Password
    • Mac Instructions:
      • Restart computer with an ethernet (purple) cord plugged in.
      • Once login screen appears, wait for the red dot to disappear. Then enter your username and new password.
Mac Password Login.jpg
  • If prompted to update your keychain password, click "Update keychain password".
  • Enter your old computer password.
  • PC Instructions:
  • Restart computer with ethernet (purple) cord plugged in.
  • Log in with username and new password.