A1-AAA Network

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Why Do I See a Network Called A1-AAA?

What is the A1-AAA Network?

  • The A1-AAA network is owned by WSU, but does not have internet access.
  • A1-AAA is simply there to catch Wi-Fi enabled devices that automatically connect to the first open network they find.
    • This will prevent those devices from draining their batteries while searching for Wi-Fi.
    • This will keep those devices from preventing access to our WSU_Guest_Wireless by connecting to and not using it and taking over our available network resources.
  • You should not knowingly connect to A1-AAA from any of your devices.

Detailed Info for the Techies

WSU has set up this dummy network specifically to catch devices that automatically connect to the first open wi-fi network they find. This connection will automatically attach to any device that simply scans to find the first available open network. Any device connected to this network will pull an IP address, but will not be able to generate any internet traffic. This will prevent wi-fi enabled devices from needlessly burning battery power by constantly searching for a network to connect to. It will also prevent these devices from hogging up our WSUGuest2 wireless network, which in the past has been rendered nearly unusable by the sheer amount of devices connected to but not utilizing it.

So ... Which Network SHOULD I Connect To?

If you are a WSU Faculty, Staff, or Student you should choose to connect to the Warrior network and authenticate using your StarID and password. The Warrior network will work on almost any tablet, phone, laptop, or other device that has wi-fi access. Some notable exceptions are certain game consoles and certain e-readers, which lack the corporate authentication options necessary in order to gain internet access to Warrior.

Questions? Contact the Technical Support Center at 507.457.5240