Academic Integrity Measures for D2L Quizzes

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WSU instructors using Desire2Learn or those interested in using this instructional management system in the future.


This article describes measures instructors can put in place for D2L quizzes to assure academic integrity. Instructors can implement many technological and human procedures to assure your students take quizzes without being tempted to cheat. The table below is a continuum of option instructors can put in place to assure quizzes are completed in the way you intend students to assure the integrity of your assessments are achieved.

Continuum of Preventing Measures for Academic Dishonesty on D2L Quiz

This table attempts to present a continuum of measures you can implement. While the spectrum of options ranges from least to most the precise options you may decide to implement will vary based on the course, student population, and outcomes you are looking to implement. Please do not hesitate a conversation with one of our TLT Staff to decide the types of measures you need to implement.

Least Moderate Most
Use Time Limits on Quizzes Password Protected Quizzes & change password after everyone is in the quiz Use Respondus LockDown Browser
Take attendance before beginning quiz. Set timed enforced quizzes. Check each student submission before they can leave class.
Make quiz unavailable after everyone has started quiz. Change password after everyone is in quiz and don't tell students new quiz password. Use a Question Library and build a Random Section of quiz questions so everyone sees a completely unique quiz.
Emphasize in your academic honesty policy that you and Information Technology Services are aware of these exploits, that student online activity during D2L quizzes and exams is being logged, and that you have access to that information. Turn in phones at front of the room Use Respondus LockDown Browser for Viewing Quiz Results

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