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Accessing D2L Brightspace is a simple operation. Here are three different methods for opening D2L:

  • Enter the D2L Brightspace URL in your browser's Address box
  • Use the preset bookmark in your browser's bookmark bar
  • Navigate to D2L Brightspace through the WSU web site

Intended Audience

WSU instructors and students using Desire2Learn or those interested in using this instructional management system in the future.

Browser Support

D2L Brightspace runs on any of the most recent browsers. The following table lists the most popular browsers and the oldest level actively supported by Brightspace.

                PC            Mac
Internet Explorer Move to a newer browser
Microsoft Edge Version 3.x
Safari Version 9.x
Firefox Version 44.x Version 44.x
Google Chrome Version 48.x Version 48.x

Trouble using D2L Brightspace in IE?

If you are experiencing problems using D2L Brightspace in Internet Explorer, try adding it as a trusted site. If this does not work, try using a different browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge). D2L Brightspace and Microsoft are working to resolve these issues and we will keep you posted.

Entering the URL in the Browser Address Box

D2L Brightspace can be accessed by entering the following address in the URL Address box of the browser:

and hit enter. The D2L Brightspace login page will be displayed.

Using the Preset Bookmark

Main site bookmark bar2.png

Each laptop issued by WSU has preset bookmarks configured in the bookmark bar. Unless you have changed the bookmark bar and removed the preset bookmarks, there will be a bookmark to D2L Brightspace readily available in your browser window, as shown in the image above.

Navigating Through the WSU Web Site

Main site nav file2.png

D2L is available through the WSU web site. To access D2L through the WSU site navigation:

  • Click on Resources in the navigation bar at the top of the page
  • Select D2L Brightspace from the fly-out menu under Resources

Logging into D2L Brightspace

You will use your StarID (e.g., bb1234cc) and password to login to D2L Brightspace.

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