Adding TAs and GAs to Brightspace courses

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About This Article

This article describes how the Teacher of Record can request the addition of teaching assistants and grading assistants to their Brightspace courses. It is intended for instructors using Brightspace or those interested in using Brightspace in the future.

Adding TA's and GA's

  1. Open the D2L Request routine located at
  2. The D2L Request routine displays two lists of courses: merged and non-merged. Each course in each list includes an icon the Edit column that looks like a little person. Clicking this icon allows you to create Teaching Assistants and Grading Systems for the course (merged or non-merged) in that row of the list.

  3. Click the +Add button under Teaching Assistants to add a TA. Likewise, click the +Add button under Grading Assistants to add a GA. (If any TA's or GA's were previously added through this routine, they will be listed under the appropriate headings in this window as well.)
    • TA's can create Announcements, Assignments, Content, Discussions, Quizzes, and Surveys.
    • GA's assess the submissions in Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes as well as enter Grades.
  4. In this example, we have clicked the +Add for Teaching Assistants. Find the person you wish to add in the Search... field. (Creating a Grading Assistant works exactly like creating a Teaching Assistant.)
  5. You are done. Note: TA's and GA's are created during the overnight database-routine run at the system office. TA's and GA's added before 4:00 will show up in the Brightspace course the next morning. Creations done after 4:00 will appear in the D2L course the second day defining the creation in this routine.

More Information

The D2L Request routine that schedules additions of TA's and GA's also performs scheduling for course merges:

  • Merging Brightspace courses
    A separate Brightspace course shell is created for every section of every course each academic term. Two or more Brightspace course shells can be merged to create a new shell with a combined classlist. For more information on requesting course merges, refer to Merging D2L courses.

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