Adjusting Kaltura Capture recording settings

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About this article

This article includes instructions for changing Kaltura Capture recording settings. It is intended for all WSU students and employees.

Accessing your Kaltura Capture recording settings

To access your settings:

1. Click on Manage under the Kaltura logo in the application control panel.


2. You will see a much larger window. Click the gear in the navigation bar on the left side of the new window.


3. You will see the Settings window. This is where you update the defaults for Kaltura Capture. Make the desired changes and click the Save button.


What settings can be changed?

You can change the following settings, affecting the way Kaltura Capture records and saves media files:

  • The resolution of the webcam
  • The resolution of the screen capture
  • Whether to include computer audio (PC only)
  • The default prefix used in naming recordings
  • Whether or not the cursor is highlighted in the video (applies to screen captures only)

Tips on settings

  • When you make changes to your settings, make sure to select Save to retain them.
  • Increasing recording quality will also increase the size of the resulting file. Feel free to experiment, but you will probably not need a webcam or screen recording resolution setting higher than 720P.
  • Always retain a local copy of important files, even if they are uploaded to MediaSpace properly. In the case of large media files, you may need to store them on an external drive. Think twice before electing to auto-delete the local recordings after uploading to MediaSpace. Sometimes, things go wrong and your file is not uploaded properly. You are less likely to lose important files if you manage your local copies manually.

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