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This page describes how to apply for a METNET account for the purpose of hosting online meetings using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. Note that only WSU employees and qualified graduate students can apply for accounts. Please direct any questions to TLT [1].


WSU partners with the University of Minnesota and the Metropolitan Educational Telecommunications Network (METNET) to provide faculty, staff, and eligible graduate students with host access to Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional or "Connect." The Connect meeting server is in Minneapolis and you need a METNET account to access it. Only the online meeting host needs an account. Online meeting participants will not need a METNET account to access the Connect meetings that you host. All of the instructions for obtaining and initializing your METNET account can be found at:

To request an account, please email the following information to METNET-Connect@UMN.EDU:

  • Your full name
  • E-mail address
  • Institution name and department
  • Position title (faculty, student support staff, etc.)
  • Tech ID number
  • You will need a StarID to activate this account

To activate your StartID

  1. Visit the web site
  2. Select "Activate StarID" link and choose one of the appropriate categories (i.e. Stuent, Employee, or Guest), your account authentication identifier method (i.e. Tech ID, State Employee Number, or Library Card Barcode), and enter the authentication credentials requested for this authentication identifier. If you are having trouble contact the MNSCU Help Desk at
  • A brief description of how you will use Connect. For example: "I will use Connect in my course ENGL 100 for online office hours."

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