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Meeting with Adobe Connect

Before Attending an Adobe Connect Meeting

Step 1: Installing Add-Ins

  • Click Hereto install the add-in and test your computer prior to your first Adobe Connect Meeting.
    • In order to use the audio and video tools in the Adobe Connect Room you will need to install an add-in.
    • You will only be required to install this add-in the first time you use Adobe Connect on your computer. If you switch computers you will be required to install the add-in on the new computer.

Step 2: Plug In Headset

  • Connect your headset and wait 30 seconds to a minute prior to entering the room.

Step 3: Enter the Room

  • Enter the room (URL sent to you by your instructor) at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting or course
  • Set-up your audio, by going to "Manage My Settings" and select "Audio Set-Up Wizard"

Roles in the Connect Room

  • Participant: View screens shared, utilize the chat, Audio only when Host gives you permissions, cannot broadcast video.
  • Presenter: View screens shared, share screens, utilize the chat, full studio control, can broadcast video.

Accessing the Connect Room

  1. Go to the URL your instructor has shared with you. The URL could be shared with you via email, D2L, on the class syllabus or so forth.
  2. Enter the room as a Guest by typing your full name and selecting Enter Room.

Using the Connect Room

Installing Add-Ins

  • If you did not install the add-in prior to your first meeting please follow this process: To install the add-in, click on the blue arrow pointing downward in the upper right hand corner of the connect room. When installing the add-in the Connect room will reload and bring you back into the room in the same role as when you left the room.

Audio Set-Up Wizard

  1. Each time you enter an Adobe Connect room in the role of a presenter, go through the audio set-up wizard. This will allow you to determine if your speakers are working and if your microphone is at an appropriate level.
  2. To access the Audio Setup Wizard, go to
    1. Meeting on the top navigation bar
    2. Select Manage My Settings
    3. Select Audio Set-up Wizard
    4. When done going through the Audio Set-Up Wizard please type "done" in the chat. (for actual training session)
  3. On a side note: when going through the Audio Set-Up wizard you will not hear the host or others presenters talking.

Locating and Using the Talk Button

  1. In the lower left hand corner of the screen, is the Talk button.
  2. The Talk button is similar to that of a walkie-talkie.
    1. When you hold down the word Talk, your audio is live for others to hear. When you let off the Talk button, you no longer will be broadcasting your audio.
    2. To use the hands-free mode, suggested only if you have a headset, select the lock to the right of the word Talk on the Talk button. This allows you to contribute throughout the session via your microphone.
  3. Each time you initially use the Talk or the Video Feature in an Adobe Connect room you will have to allow METNET to access your audio or video. Depending on if you activate your audio or video first, you will see a white box appear in the middle of your screen asking you to ALLOW or DENY METNET to access your audio or video. Please select ALLOW if you would like to participate in the audio or video portion of your discussion.

Activating Video

  1. Some Adobe Connect sessions will use video conferencing with the group and the professor may want you to share your video (if you have a webcam).
  2. Locate the video pod on your screen and in the lower left hand corner of the pod there is a button for you to click on to activate your video and your microphone. The button has an icon with a little video camera and a microphone on it. Again, you will get a message to ALLOW or DENY METNET. Remember to allow.

Sharing Your Screen

  1. Screen sharing allows presenters and hosts to share their desktop, whiteboards, and specific applications. If you are going to be sharing your desktop here are some tips and tricks before and during sharing:
    1. Make sure you have closed applications or materials you do not want others to view: Including IM, Skype, email, and other messaging apps. Also think about screen savers, desktop backgrounds, and/or photos.
    2. Keep in mind netiquette.
    3. Plan in advance. If you are going to share your desktopo or applications, open the applications or the webpages you plan on sharing. This allows for an easy transition and keeps your audience focused on the information you are sharing.
  2. Sharing your Screen can be completed in a couple of ways. First decided what you will be sharing with the group and this will help you determine which path to take. In any case, it is always best practice to have the applications and/or information opened in advance of having to share.
    1. Share My Computer: Allows you the option of sharing out your Desktop, Applications, or Windows with the group. In cases of virtual office hours and presentation of materials it is quickest to share out your Desktop. If you have a specific application (PowerPoint, Word, ect.) you would like to share, select Applications.
    2. Share Whiteboard: Provides a space similar to that of a whiteboard in which a group can map out a process, work through a problem, or so forth.
    3. When sharing your screen it typically minimize the Adobe Connect room and make the screen you are sharing Full Screen on your computer. Others in the room (not presenting) will see your screen in the Sharing Pod and not in Full Screen view unless you change to that view for them.
    4. To stop screen sharing, locate the Adobe Connect Room (typically on your PC toolbar or a Mac dock on the bottom or side of your screen).
    5. Select the room and click on Stop Sharing in the bottom left of the Share pod.

Communicating with Icons

  1. In the bottom left hand corner of the screen you will see a button with the icon of a person raising their hand. You can use this button to communicate with others in the session by selecting an icon of your choice.
    1. By clicking on the drop down menu to the right of the icon you will be able to view the other icons available.
    2. When you select an icon it will post it to the right of your name in the attendee list.
    3. Clear your status once prompted to or after your question/comment has been responded to.


You Tube Tutorial : This 9 minute video tutorial is for hosts, presenters, and participants. The first 1:20 of the video is geared for hosts, so if you are participating in the Connect room you can move past that segment of the tutorial.

Connect Essentials

The following articles cover basic information that all Connect users should know.