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WSU Faculty, Staff, and Students hosting or presenting using an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional meeting room.


Adobe Connect can be utilized for facilitating a meeting, virtual office hours, or synchronous course meetings. Before each synchronous session, go through the following steps, tips, and best practices to make sure your room and those presenting are prepared.

Roles in a Connect Room

  • Host: All of the capabilities of a presenter as well as, starting break-outs, ending the meeting, creating the meeting, adding hosts
  • Presenter: View screens shared, share screens, utilize the chat, full studio control, can broadcast video
  • Participant: View screens shared, utilize the chat, Audio only when Host gives you permissions, cannot broadcast video.

Before the Meeting

Create the Meeting Room
  • To set up an Adobe Connect meeting, go to and select Login with METNET Account. Once you are logged in to your METNET account you will be able to Create a New Meeting or visit a listing of meetings previously created.
  • For information on setting up a meeting please review theAdobe Connect 7 meeting set-up
    • Note: Students will not have accounts so only those with accounts can be added as participants to the meetings (faculty and staff)
Communicate with Participants and Presenters
  • Preparing Participants: Email participants the room URL and it is encouraged to email the tutorial for Student Overview of Connectas well.
  • Preparing Guest Presenters and Facilitators: Meeting hosts should meet two-three days in advance in the Adobe Connect room with all guest presenters and facilitators for them to get familiar with the room and to test audio.
Best Practices
  • Audio:
    • Plug in USB headsets prior to launching the Adobe Connect Meeting
    • Require everyone to go through the Audio Set-Up wizard prior to the start of the meeting (including all hosts)
    • Determine if the host will control audio (mute or unmute participants) or if individuals participating will be able to control their microphone/audio. If you want participants to control their own, go to Meeting > Manage Entry and Access > Auto-promote participants to presenters.
  • Screen Sharing:
    • Determine the content you would like to share. In this mode participants and presenters see what is being shared but cannot interact with the content unless control is given to them. The one exception is the whiteboard and all in the role of a presenter can contribute to the whiteboard.
  • Visit Quick Start Guide for Adobe 7: The following video how-tos can be found by referencing the Adobe Connect 7 Quick Start Guide
Sharing Your Screen with Attendees, Uploading Content to a Library, Uploading Content to a Connect Room, Using the Camera and Voice Pod, Using Breakout Rooms, Using a Whiteboard, Enabling Other to Share their Webcam, Recording a Meeting and Sharing a Meeting Recording, Customizing a Meeting Room

During the Meeting

Uploading and Sharing a Document (PDF, PPT, SWF)

After the Meeting

Accessing a Meeting Recording

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