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WSU no longer provides licenses or supports Contribute and Dreamweaver. We recommend that you use BlueGriffon or SeaMonkey for a webeditor. Staff/Faculty may contact TLT for help with these new editors and students may contact TSC for help.

Intended Audience

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This article is intended for all WSU students, faculty, and staff, both PC and Mac users, interested in authoring and maintaining their own basic Web pages on the following campus web servers:,, and


Adobe® Contribute® is an installed software application available to all WSU students, faculty, and staff that allows for easy authoring and editing of basic Web pages on our open campus Web servers. You install Contribute on your WSU laptop, connect to an assigned folder on a campus Web server, create basic pages using a simple graphical interface (i.e., no programming or coding), and publish your pages with a click of a button. This tool is well-suited for managing basic sites with minimal effort and is one of several alternatives for authoring and managing Web content at WSU. Compare WSU Web authoring tools

Major Features and Functions

  • Cross-platform compatible for both Mac and PC users
  • Simple user interface for creating, editing, and publishing basic Web pages
  • Simple WYSIWYG editor for formatting text, adding tables, and inserting links and images
  • Manage multi-page sites
  • Large library of pre-built "starter pages"
  • Ability to use page templates created in Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Browser plug-ins for Firefox and Internet Explorer allowing browser-based editing


Contribute CS3 Essential Training

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Known Issues

  • This tool is ideal for creating basic Web pages. More complex pages and sites may require other tools (e.g., Adobe Dreamweaver).
  • With several notable exceptions, this tool is not intended for use on pages or sites residing on the Web server.

Creating Connections


Go to Contribute > My connections


Go to Edit > My Connections


If you are establishing a connection to a WSU web server use the "local network" option and look for specific server connection information on the DFS page. If you are connecting to a different server or a non WSU server contact your system administrator for connection details.

Editing Previously Created Sites on a Mac

  • When going back into your site to add/delete/edit pages on a Mac ou will first need to click on GO > Connect to Server > and choose your smb:// connection before you will be able to connect to your Contribute site and publish. If you do not do this you will get error messages such as "Permission Denied ...".

Our Internal Help Pages for Contribute Include

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Other Resources

For general support on Contribute from Adobe: Go Here...

For online (web) help on specific topics go to Adobe's own help site: Here!

For an official Adobe Manual on Contribute: Download This!