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Adobe Systems Incorporated is a company that focuses on computer graphic rendering software or applications that create or modify images, webpages, and layouts.

Adobe Products

Adobe CS5.5 Product Logos.png



1. To request access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite click Yes at this link: Adobe Software Request. (Note: This will take one business day)

2. Once you've received your welcome emails from Adobe, log into with your

  • You will be redirected to a picture of the WSU gazebo. Log here with your StarID again and press Enter.


3. This will log you into your WSU Adobe account and display a page listing a number of options, Start by selecting the first choice: Desktop Downloads under the Creative Cloud Apps heading.



We encourage you to download and install the Creative Cloud Desktop app first. Once installed, this app can be accessed using the desktop shortcut on Windows or from your Applications folder on macOS. When you open the Creative Cloud Desktop app it lists all the other applications that are part of our Creative Cloud license, allowing you to download them and update them without going through the process above every single time.

Creative Cloud App.png

Adobe Cloud looks like this:

Creative Cloud App Preview.png

To Download an Application

  • On the left of the Adobe Creative Cloud homepage you will see a black menu box. All of your available options are listed here.
  • To download apps to your desktop click on Desktop Downloads under Creative Cloud Apps


  • You have access to all of these applications. To download one (Photoshop as an example) click on the "Download"button below the applications name.


  • Once downloaded click on the file to begin the install.


  • Use your login.


  • Click on "Start Installing"


  • This screen will show you how your download is progressing.

Install Screen3.png

Q & A

Q. When I try to sign in at the adobe site I get a 400 error message. Error code: general_nonsuccess

A. Use a different browser. It’s an issue with saved (cached) credentials in the browser. Switch to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome from your current browser and try to sign in at again.

Installing Adobe Products from On The Hub

The full Adobe Suite is available at On The Hub for under $10.00 for faculty, staff and students.

How to install it from On The Hub

1. Go to

2. Click on Adobe Tab

3. Click on Adobe Creative Cloud

4. Click on Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Applications for ETLA


5. Add to Cart


6. Check out.

Helpful Information