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What Dreamweaver Workspace Looks Like and Uses


This is a Dreamweaver on a PC window. On the Mac the Application (Menu) Bar and Document tool Bar look slightly different.

A. Application bar = On the Mac this is the menu bar; provides options for formatting and inserting objects

B. Document toolbar = toggles views of the document/page you are working on; including code or "live" view; and updating to your web site

C. Document window = the page you are working on with all of its objects and content

D. Workspace switcher = you can chose different default views of toolbars and other workspace looks

We recommend that you use "Designer Compact" for your workspace
This what the "Designer Compact" workspace Toolbar looks like on a Pc and Mac


E. Panel groups = panels will give other options for editing and formatting, including Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) coding.

F. Tag selector = the tag selector will show you the specific object or content element you have highlighted (or selected) on the document; a tag refers to an HTML tag or code that marks off a portion of the page; each tag will have its own the "properties inspector" which is associated with it and will change as you change your selection

G. Property inspector = these are the properties that can be changed with respect to the item

H. Files panel = the files panel can be turned off or on by choosing it on Windows>Files; it shows you the files in your local computer for the web site and the files at your remote/server site.

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Other Resources

Online resources you will find useful:

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  • For online (web) help on specific topics go to Adobe's own help site: Here!