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Adobe Flash (previously known as Macromedia Flash) is a program distributed by Adobe Systems.

The Flash Platform integrated set of technologies provides everything you need to create and deliver applications, content, and video to the widest possible audience. Now, the Open Screen Project is enabling you to deliver rich, seamless experiences created with Flash across multiple devices. It is commonly used to create and develop animation, advertisements, and various web paged Flash components to integrate video onto web pages, and to develop rich Internet applications.

Adobe Flash Overview (Video)

  • You can create a basic motion tween in one click.
  • With object-based animation, the time required to transform images into animated symbols in Flash Professional is reduced to seconds–compared to earlier versions, according to the findings by an independent research firm.
  • Editing your animation is now faster with new motion editing tools
  • Automatically generated motion paths and the new Motion Editor give you easy-to-use tools for greater granular control over attributes.

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