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About this article

This article provides an introduction to the Apple MacBook Pro laptop. It is intended for all students and employees participating in the E-Warrior Digital Life and Learning Program.

Introducing the Apple MacBook Pro

Our model this year includes a 2.7 GHz Core i5 CPU with Turbo Boost up to 3.1 HGz, 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB solid state drive, a 13.3" screen with 2560x1500p resolution (retina), two Thunderbolt and two USB 3.0 ports, and Sierra OS is pre-installed. The MacBook Pro weighs 3.02 pounds. Compared with previous models, a notable difference is the lack of an internal, optical CD-DVD drive and an increase in RAM. Those who still rely on CD-DVD media have several options (e.g., attaching an external CD-DVD drive).

Physical Features of the MacBook Pro


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