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Contacts (called Address Book in OS X Mountain Lion) is a program included with every Mac. It gives you a flexible and convenient place to store contact information for your friends, family, and colleagues. Contacts acts as a central location to store your contact information, and can be used with other built-in Mac programs, such as Apple Mail Account, iCal, and FaceTime. You can also sync your Contacts with an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and other compatible mobile devices.


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Adding a Contact

To add a new contact to your Contacts, click on the "New Contact" button ( + ) under the "Name" field. You can then enter the contact's name and other personal information, such as home or work phone numbers, home or work addresses, and IM accounts.

Creating a Group

To add a group for organizing your contacts, click on the "New Group" button ( + ) under the "Group" field. Give the group a name, and then press enter.

  • To add contacts to a group, drag and drop the contact to the group.

Advanced Options

Contacts also gives you a convenient way to connect with your contacts. Click on the fields on the left side of the contact card (for instance, AIM Account or Address) to see the options.

Additional Information

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