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BlueGriffon is a Web Editor based on the rendering engine of Firefox. The program is cross-platform, which means it can be used on either a PC or a Mac. WSU has added this program to the Control Panel for PC's to download and Software Additions for the Macs.

How to Use

Open a page that you want to edit

  1. File - Open - browse to the page on the W: drive (Course1) you want to edit.
  2. The page title will show up as one of the tabs. To change the Page Title go to Format - Page Properties.
  3. Make the edits you want to the page. Can use the basic editing in the ribbon.

Insert a Picture

You will need to copy all of the images you want to use to a folder on the W: (Course1) drive called 'Images'

  1. Put your cursor where you want to insert a picture.
  2. Select the icon in the ribbon that looks like a picture for 'insert image'
  3. The Insert an image menu comes up
  4. Use the yellow folder to browse to the image in the Images folder on the W: drive (Course1) and select the image.
  5. Enter a Title for the image

Create a Hyperlink

If you plan to hyperlink to a PDF file you will need to first save this file to the W: drive (Course1). It would be a good idea to create a folder called 'Media' to store all of these files.

  1. Highlight the text for the hyperlink
  2. Select the chain link in the ribbon for 'Insert or edit a link'
  3. The 'Links' menu will come up
  4. Use the yellow folder icon to browse to the file that you want to hyper link to if you have a file on the W: drive (Course1). Otherwise, insert the URL to the webpage that you want to hyperlink to.

Available Online Training

Graham Bray of Easier Instant Marketing has created an online training series called "How To Produce Your First Website with Blue Griffon"

  • Part 1
    • Introduction to Blue Griffon
    • Downloading Blue Griffon
  • Part 2
    • Become more familiar with the Blue Griffon Software
  • Part 3
    • Planning Out Your First Web Page
  • Part 4
    • Putting text on the First Web Page
    • Saving the first Page
  • Part 5
    • Creating Tables in Your First Web Page
  • Part 6
    • Inserting Images Into Your Webpage
  • Part7
    • Using Images and Text to Link Between Pages
  • Part 8
    • Inserting a Video Clip Into Your Web Page
  • Part 9
    • Creating Your First Web Site From Scratch - Part 1
  • Part 10
    • Creating Your First Web Site From Scratch - Part 2

More Information

Note for Mac Users

If you plan to use tables extensively in your website design you will want to download the newest nightly version of BlueGriffon, version, from the freshmeat section of the downloads section. This version fixes a known error in version 1.7.2 that does not allow users to join cells in a table.