Caring for Your Mac

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Please be careful with liquids! Using a lidded/capped drink container can save you money and frustration! If a spill occurs, shut off computer, dump out excess liquid, and bring the laptop to the Technical Support Center as soon as possible! Use a damp cloth, or mild window cleaner for the screen. Never spray anything directly onto the laptop. Spray onto a cloth then wipe the computer to clean it.

Laptop Locks

Laptop locks may be a good idea for the library, Mugby Junction, or any public place. These may be purchased at the WSU book store.


The top of your Mac can be damaged: Do not stack objects on the laptop. Do not put it in your book bag with other items, unless it is protected. If your bag is packed tight, consider purchasing a separate laptop bag. Damage to the screen can also result from over compression, due to the keyboard being pressed too tightly against it.

Leave the protective cover on the laptop! Removing this will leave your Mac open to scratching, which students will be charged for.


Dropping your MacBook can cause severe damage! This can chip/dent the computer, damage the hardware, crack the screen, and much more. Make sure to be careful while handling your Macbook.


Careful how you hold your MacBook! The SuperDrive on the right side of the computer can quickly become compressed with continued mishandling (picking up the laptop with one hand). If damaged, the drive may “eat” your disks, not allow a disk to be inserted, or skip while playing media.