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This page describes steps that can help prepare Cisco WebEx meeting participants.

Login to a Test Meeting

  1. Login to a Test Meeting
  2. If prompted "Allow" the WebEx to access your computer.
  3. After "allowing",the meeting center will take up to a minute to prepare.
  4. The test meeting will allow the same functionality as a regular meeting room, but prepares the computer as well as allows the individual testing to see a meeting room in advance.
  5. Please review the How to Use WebEx link for using audio in a WebEx room.

Attending a Meeting

In the email invite you receive, a link to the meeting room, information for connecting to the audio conference via the phone, and a password (if required) will be provided.

  1. Select the link for the meeting in the email invite.
  2. You will be prompted to type in your name and an email address. For some meetings, before entering the meeting you will also have to type in a password. The password typically will be provided on the email invite.
  3. When entering the room, you will be prompted to select an audio option. Either call using the phone number and access code provided on the screen or select "Call Using Computer". If using your computer, it is good to test your speakers and your microphone.

You are ready to proceed with the meeting. For information about using video or the chat features, please review the "During the Meeting" information as well as use the additional resources provided.

During the Meeting


  • To start your video select the WebEx Start Video.png to the right of your name on the attendee list.
  • To make the video full screen select WebEx Full Screen Video .png in the upper right of the video panel.
  • To exit from full screen video, select WebEx Exit Full Screen Video.png in the upper right corner of the video panel.


How to Use WebEx

The links will take you to resources created by WebEx to support faculty, staff, and learners participating in WebEx meetings.

How to Use WebEx

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