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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the emergence of bringing the capabilities of computers to the internet which allows any quality of computer (laptops, desktops, phones, tablets) to run applications and gather data since most of the work is done on the web.

What Can I Do With Cloud Services?

Cloud Computing has become many things in its current development:

  • You can say Cloud is a service because this technology allows you, the user, to upload data to your account and store it there for later use. Since you can store your data you can consider Cloud technology as a back-up service as well with the ability to copy the data on actual storage devices like external hard drives and discs.
  • Cloud technology is also becoming a platform for applications to be run through, you no longer require the uses of a desktop to run software. Microsoft Office applications like Excel, Word, OneNote…etc are readily available on OneDrive (Microsoft’s available Cloud technology). Be aware that certain web apps are not 100% compatible with other web apps; for example: Google Docs with Buzzword and Adobe PDF with Microsoft’s Word web app.
  • Cloud Computing Technology was created by the linking of numerous computers and their capabilities through the internet. Bringing applications, software, computer-to-computer communication, storage and data transfer to the global market while being cost efficient. Cloud allows companies and general users to upload and exchange information/applications almost seamlessly which was harder to accomplish before the advent of this technology.

Where Can I Go To Take Advantage Of Cloud Technology?

To take advantage of Cloud Services you can go to Microsoft OneDrive; Apple iCloud; Dropbox; and Google Drive. Bear in mind there are many other cloud services offered by other companies as well!

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