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What's a co-curricular experience?

A co-curricular event is one that has been approved for inclusion on a student attendee's co-curricular transcript. To be considered for inclusion on the co-curricular transcript, campus events must fit under one of the following four categories of experience and support the related learning outcomes as defined by the WSU ImPAAct Committee.

Digital citizenship

The Digital Citizenship category aims to help students determine information need and be able to access and evaluate information effectively, efficiently and critically. Students who attended an event classified under Digital Citizenship should also be able to incorporate selected information and technology skills into their knowledge base and utilize it to accomplish a specific purpose as well as analyze the economic, legal, social and ethical issues surrounding the use of information and technology.

Civic engagement

Students who participate in Civic Engagement activities sponsored by WSU should be able to construct coherent arguments and/or narratives and/or explications to general and specific audiences. Attending Civic Engagement experiences should assist the students in being able to collaborate to design an approach to resolving social, personal or ethical dilemmas.

Leadership development

Students who engage in Leadership Development opportunities sponsored by WSU should be able to evaluate issues from multiple perspectives when addressing problems. Leadership Development includes exploring the evidence of a complex issue in order to formulate a position and evaluating the relevance of context when presenting a solution.

Intercultural competency

Students attending experiences labeled as having Intercultural Competencies should be able to recognize the impact of one’s own actions on others in a diverse, global community. They should be able to demonstrate ability and commitment to respectfully collaborate across and within community contexts and structures to connect and extend knowledge to benefit the greater community.

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