Common problems when using the UP Mini 3D printer

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Filament is not adhering to the platform
Platform needs calibrated Calibrate Platform
Software Crashes on Print
This occurs on Macs running the 2.15 software update. At least one time following the software install you, must choose 'Setup' from the 3D Print menu and then click OK.
Raft peels up from perfboard
The platform height needs recalibrated. Calibrate Platform
Object is peeling up from raft
This could be a heat issue. Ensure that the door and lid are both kept closed throughout the printing process. To further reduce curling small discs, or curbs can be added to the models outside of the corners. This stiffens the model in these areas. These thin discs can later be cut or peeled off the main model.
Air printing
The extrusion nozzle is clogged. Contact IT 507 457 5240 option 2. Eric Wright
What's all this extra plastic?
Often, when printing more complex objects, the printer must fill in areas which are to remain empty in order to support the layers that will be placed above these hollow spaces. This is often a flimsy, widely spaced grid. This material can be peeled off after the print. Xacto Knifes and tweezers may be necessary in some instances.
Model falls off of raft or perfboard.
The space where the model makes contact with the surface below is too small. Build a small coin shaped disk below your model to make the raft larger and secure the raft and model to the perfboard.
There is not support at x ### y ###  
Some part of the model either floats above the printing surface, or passes through it. Use “Auto Placement “ to have the software align the model appropriately.
My question is not addressed here.
Email ewright(at)Winona(dot)edu Hopefully we can address your concern and include it here for others.