Connecting Android to WSU Wireless

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This guide was written running Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop) on a Winona State Samsung Galaxy Tab. Other phones running this Android OS versions should be similar. Restart Android device before performing these steps.

Connecting to the Warrior Network

1. First tap the grid at the lower right-hand corner to bring up all your applications.

(1) Wire And.png

2. Then select “Settings” with the applications screen.

(2) Wire Set.png

3. At the top-left corner tap “Connections.”

(3) Wire Conn.png

4. Be sure to check if Wi-Fi is enabled then then tap the “warrior” access point.

(4) Wire War.png

5. Under “Phase 2 authentication” tap the word “None”.

(5) Wire Phase.png

6. Tap “MSCHAPV2” for authentication.

(6) Wire MSCHAPV2.png

7. Enter your StarID and password. Then tap "Connect".

(7) Wire User.png

8. Done! If you see “Connected” you are now on the WSU

(8) Wire Check.png

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Restart your Android Device before performing these steps.
  • Under WI-FI settings, click the warrior network, select "Forget Network" and try the steps above.