Connecting Wireless Media Devices to the Warrior Network

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Bringing Your Own Devices to WSU?

Connect these types of devices to WSU's BYODWSU network, not Warrior or Eduroam.

Devices such as Amazon’s Fire Stick, Apple TV, Roku Stick, Xbox 360, PS4, Smart TV’s, etc. do not support the WPA2-Enterprise method of authentication that WSU employs to protect our Warrior Wi-Fi network.

Before bringing these types of devices to campus, please make sure your devices either support WPA2-Enterprise wireless authentication or have an available wired Ethernet/network port. We suggest plugging in an Ethernet cable to supported devices whenever possible.

Only devices that support WPA2-Enterprise wireless authentication can connect to the Warrior wireless network. Unlike home WEP networks that require a password only, WPA2-Enterprise authentication requires both a username and a password. A user’s manual or a manufacturer's website may best describe your devices’ supported wireless authentication methods.

Devices that transmit wireless network signals or create wireless/wired networks are prohibited in the residence halls, since they cause network interference for others network users. Both wireless printers and wireless routers create severe network interference that, if detected, will result in their being permanently prohibited from network access.

For more information call WSU Phone Support at 507-457-5240