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About this article

This article provides an overview of how to use the video conferencing tool Jabber to join a meeting remotely. This article is intended for anyone using Jabber and includes information about connecting and disconnecting to your session, best practices for using Jabber and a checklist to follow if an issue occurs during your connection.

Best Practices for Using Jabber

  • The Jabber connections are built manually before a session with specific time limits. The connection starts usually 15 minutes before your meeting time and will disconnect automatically at the end of the meeting. You will want to connect to your meeting 10-15 minutes before to address any technical issues. This will prevent wasted time during your session.
  • For the best quality audio use a microphone or headset during your meeting. This will not only improve the audio but will also help control the echo some experience when using video conferencing tools.
  • Select a location that is quiet that does not have distracting background noise (pets, construction, talking etc.). Jabber will pick up any noise present and this can be very disruptive during a meeting.
  • When you are not speaking mute your microphone.
  • Turn your video on during the session so others can see you. Jabber displays your image on a monitor, avoid visual distractions like eating during a session.
  • Jabber is designed to allow the user to actively participate during a meeting. If you are unable to hear or see something let the individuals in the room know. Some rooms have the capability to adjust the view of the room and all participants have the capability of sharing their screen with Jabber participants.
  • Always log out and quit the application when you are not using it. When logged in and active your account is taking up space on a server that is sharing resources with all of MnSCU.

Connecting to a Meeting

1. Select Jabber from your applications and enter your Username and Password

Jabber login.jpg

2. Once you are logged into Jabber enter the dial address in the search bar and hit return. This will automatically connect you with your meeting. NOTE: Each meeting has a unique dial address it is important to make sure you have the correct address.

Jabber Address.jpg

3. When you connect to your meeting you should be able to hear the other participants right away. If you cannot try turning up the volume on you device and complete the steps on Troubleshooting Jabber Technical Issues (PC) or Troubleshooting Jabber Technical Issues (Mac).

4. In the center screen you will see a control panel. From this control panel is where you can control several tools during your session.

Jabber control panel.jpg

5. Each meeting connection is build for a specific amount of time. Once the time is up the Jabber connection will automatically disconnect.

Control Panel

1. Self-View- If you select self-view a small window will appear in the corner of your screen. This allows you to see what image is being displayed on the monitor in the meeting. Note: It is recommended to select the self-view right away to ensure your video is working.

2. Camera- Select the camera button to turn your web-camera on and off.

3. Microphone- Select the microphone icon to turn your microphone on and off. Note: When you are not speaking it is recommended to mute your microphone.

4. Volume- Select the volume button to adjust the volume and to mute other participants.

5. Fullscreen- Select fullscreen to display your Jabber meeting on your entire screen.

6. Share Presentation- Select the share presentation button to share a document or your screen with other participants.

7. End Call- Select this to end your meeting. If your meeting runs the entire time your connection will automatically disconnect.

Control Panel Buttons.jpg

If a Technical Issue Occurs While Using Jabber

If you experience a technical issue while using Jabber please complete the following steps for Troubleshooting Jabber Technical Issues (PC) or Troubleshooting Jabber Technical Issues (Mac). If you are unable to solve the issue after completing these steps contact TLT at 507-457-5240, option 2 Monday-Thursday 8:00am-8:30pm, Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.

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