Control Panel Installations (PC)

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WSU offers many programs to students, faculty, and staff at no additional charge that are not pre-loaded on the computer when it is received. To get these programs they must be installed from the network via Control Panel Installations.

  • You must be connected to the WSU campus network when installing programs
  • NOTE: Some installs may take up to 30 minutes. Please do not quit the install process during this time.

Instructions Windows 8 & 10

  • Click on the Start Button Start Button.JPG
  • Then Type in “Install a program” and select “Install a program from the network” from the list.

Install a program 1.png

  • The available programs will appear. Choose the program that you want and click on "INSTALL".


  • A listing of the available programs will appear
  • If you do not see a list of software available when you click on "install a program from the network" please either reboot, logoff/log on, or click Start > click to map drives.
  • Click on the program that you would like to install. In this example we will choose Adobe Indesign
  • Double-click on the program you wish to install. The following window or a similar installation prompt will appear.


  • Let this run. Be patient! You will be notified when the installation is completed.
  • When the install has completed you may see a message that says so.
  • The application may or may not start up - some are set to open after install and some are not, but it will be installed at this point and you will find it under START > ALL PROGRAMS.

Video How-to on Window 8, 7, & 10