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This article includes instructions for creating a personal Qualtrics account and applies to all WSU students, faculty, and staff with valid WSU network credentials who are interested in using Qualtrics to create, distribute, and manage online surveys. See additional instructions below to upgrade your account to allow you to distribute surveys.

Account Creation Steps

Step 1 (Everyone)

  1. Go to: Note: DO NOT go to to make your account.
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  1. Click on the Please click here to create an account link located under the field asking for your WSU email.
  2. Enter your StarID email address and a password. This does not need to be your WSU password, but it should be a strong password.
  3. Enter your name. Organization and phone number are optional.
  4. Select Sign Me Up (Note: we do not use the access code, just use Sign Me Up)
Select Sign Me Up

Check you email

  • You will receive an email message from Qualtrics requesting email address verification. Once you have completed this process, you will be able to login at using your email address and the password you just created.

Permission to Distribute Surveys

By default all accounts are created with 'Student level permission' which does not have the ability to distribute surveys, only create them. To get your account upgraded, follow these steps:

Upgrade your account to enable survey distributions. Note: Students or GAs will need a full-time employee listed as their supervisor for distributing surveys in Qualtrics.


If you have any trouble creating an account or logging into Qualtrics, please email or call TLT @ 507-457-2900.

If you need to change your password: Changing your password