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Intended Audience

WSU instructors currently using Brightspace and interested in using electronic portfolios in their Brightspace courses.


This article describes the steps involved in using the Brightspace ePortfolio tool to create electronic portfolio presentations to show skills and knowledge to others.

What is an ePortfolio presentation?

A presentation is a means for demonstrating your achievements to other people. You select the artifacts, reflections, and other items you wish to share and use the ePortfolio tool to remix them into a presentation that looks and behaves like a website.

Creating a presentation within the ePortfolio

Creating a presentation is a four-step operation.

  1. Select New Presentation from the Dashboard page. On the following page, name your presentation on the Properties tab.
  2. Select the Content/Layout tab to edit the presentation display. Here you set the navigation and the page content.
  3. The Banner tab is used to set the title text at the top of each presentation page.
  4. Use the Theme tab to select the color scheme and table layout of the pages.

No need to worry about saving your choices. They are automatically saved each time you click off a tab.

Create a Presentation

If you would like more information on how the Brightspace ePortfolio tool can be used to create and curate electronic portfolios, refer to More Information below.

More Information

Brightspace ePortfolio Instructor Guide

There are a step-by-step instructions on how to use the ePortfolio tool in the Brightspace ePortfolio Instructor Gide.

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