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Teaching, Learning and Technology Services (TLT) offers custom student support through the e-Warrior Digital Learning Commons (DLC). The DLC is a team of WSU STARS (Student Technology and Resource Specialists) that are dedicated to supporting other WSU students with their technology needs.

Working with faculty

The DLC staff work with faculty to assess the programming needs, design curriculum to meet these needs, and deliver curriculum created to assure students are prepared to succeed on these projects. With over seven years worth of custom student support projects under our belts we feel strongly that our DLC STARS can provide the technical and professional programming you need so to support your students on class projects.

How do we do this?

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DLC staff meet with faculty in a short meeting to review the programming needs, identify the role our DLC STARS will play in this programming, and what technologies students will use. We have a variety of different way to deliver this programming. Our professional development often is in the form of online resources and classroom workshops, but we have conducted many hybrid professional development programs where components are offered in class while other areas of the curriculum are online. Below are some examples of both online, classroom, and hybrid programs we typically build for faculty.


We have great resources that can be customized specifically for you projects that allow a student to learn how to use the tools and techniques you want all online at any time.

  • One of these resources is Lynda. This resource is a subscription library of over 10,000 online courses taught by industry experts covering a wide variety of software tools and skills. We can help you find the right courses for your class project and even build playlist designed to meet your exact needs for your specific projects.
  • WSU Knowledge Base Wiki. We have many articles on our WSU Knowledge Base Wiki to assist students with their technology needs. We are also able to create new articles requested for special projects.


  • A DLC STAR can come into your classroom for a scheduled one hour session. During this session we can cover the technology that is needed for your project.


Hybrid Professional Development

When we work with a faculty over several semesters we find they are more comfortable with having a class receive a quick introduction to the technology so that they can start using the tool, but less class-time is spent button pushing. In these hybrid professional development project we tend to extensive experience working with the challenges students face as they use the tool and best meeting the specific project goals you have.

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