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Intended Audience

WSU faculty using D2L Brightspace and wanting to assess student work on their tablet devices.

The D2L Assignment Grader application

D2L supports Assignment Grader as a way for faculty to download student work from the D2L course dropboxes and assess it on a tablet device, either online or offline.


Whether you are online or offline, Desire2Learn Assignment Grader provides quick and easy access to assignments allowing you to assess using rubrics, annotate with inline comments, and provide personalized text, audio or video feedback. When a wireless connection exists, you can assess dropbox submissions immediately or assignments can be saved for offline assessment. When you get back on the wireless, simply synchronize with your Dropbox to upload grades and feedback, and download any new student submissions.

You can view assignments by course, due date, or ungraded vs. graded and sort Dropboxes by ungraded, name, due date, or grade.

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Using D2L Assignment Grader

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