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Course description

POLS 410
Spring 2012
Dr. Kara Lindaman

Welcome POLS 410

Welcome to the American Democracy Wikiproject.


  • Collaboratively develop and expand upon the American Democracy Project Wikipedia page focusing on Civic Health Assessment.
  • Contribute a substantive and substantial article(s)to Wikipedia directly related to the American Democracy Project. You can expect to contribute to at least 10-20 paragraphs, or approximately 1,500 words.
  • Develop a sustainable framework to showcase Winona State University's contribution to the American Democracy Project in regards to Civic Health Assessment.

Project Timeline

Getting Started: Introduction and Become a Wikipedian


  • Learn about Wikipedia and becoming a Wikipedian as a way to connect with and contribute to a global audience
  • Apply Wikipedia to the course American Democracy Project
  • Become a Wikipedian


Tasks to complete by: January 23, 2012

  • Create a Wikipedia User Account: This does not have to be your StarID and should not be the same as your WSU password.

Optional Tasks:

  • Create and Develop a Wikipedia User Page
  • Edit your userpage to include a short bio (100 words or less about yourself). Remember your userpage is still public domain.

Next Steps: Visit the Wikipedia Project Page

United State's Education Program Political Research Seminar Wikipedia Page


Welcome to Wikipedia Brochure

Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia

Editing Reference Sheet

Video: Basic Editing - Bold and Linking

Video: Basic Editing - Citing Sources

Video: How to Use the Talk Pages

Video: How to Create an Article

Video: Article Evolution


Example Articles from Fall 2010 Wikiprojects:

Fall 2010