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Project Details

This project is designed to help students within Professor Adrea Wood's Film 240 course to capture, edit, and produce video films. In this resource, you will learn the basics of Camtasia and find many different resources coving the capturing of content, editing tools, and production setting for sharing your videos.


What's Camtasia?

TechSmith's Camtasia is a software application that gets installed on your laptop that allows you to record your screen activity and save it in the form of a video. Your movies include all mouse movements, pen, and keystrokes, any software application activity, and even web browsing activity. You can also choose to record audio from both system output (i.e., what's coming out of your speakers) and microphone input (e.g., your narration of a PowerPoint slide show). Camtasia also includes a set of tools for editing your video, adding instructional and interactive elements such as callouts, transitions, and quizzes, adding audio tracks, Closed Captioning, and publishing your video in multiple formats, both locally and online (e.g., to YouTube or MediaSpace). TechSmith offers both PC (Version 9) and Mac (Version 3)of Camtasia.

Installing Camtasia

Your professor has the necessary information for downloading and using this package of software.

Getting started

TechSmith has produced a series of tutorials called Getting Started with Camtasia 9 & 3 for both Mac and Windows that are effective for becoming familiar with this tool. The three basic functions of Camtasia are recording, editing, and sharing.


Basic recording of your screen, audio, and video with your laptop webcam can all be active by opening Camtasia and clicking on the Record button Camtasia Record.jpg in the upper left corner of the application. To record, you will first need to adjust the following settings.

1. Set your screen recording area (Full to Custom)

2. Adjust camera options

3. Set microphone and levels

4. Start Recording (see rec button on PC).

Camtasia Recorder.png


The features for editing your recordings are best learned on your own by going to the Lynda Essential Training courses found below.


This functionality is where we make your videos into final products that will be streamed on YouTube or MediaSpace or played from a laptop locally. If you are planning to produce and share these videos for your courses in BrightSpace we recommend saving these as a Local File and using the MP4 (Windows users will need to save the as MP4 Only at 720p) option. To learn more about this functionality you can go directly to the Lynda resources below.

Related Articles

We also have comprehensive Camtasia courses found in Lynda.

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