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Project Details

For the Digital Case Study project, Dr. Brent (EDFD460) would like you to distilling down 20 hours of data from journal notes and community wealth resources/funds of knowledge resulting into a 6-7 minute video. We will be helping you use one of two tools to complete this project. The first tool you may want to use is called Moovly and it is an online video tool that allows you to animate your video. The second tool we will be showing is PowerPoint that many don't realize can also be used to animate content in dynamic and fun ways. We will demonstrate these two tools in two online Adobe Connect session throughout the semester (3/4 and 3/19). You can also refer to the support resources below for both tools. This resource also provides directions for uploading your video to Youtube and sharing this with your professor.


  • Moovly
  • PowerPoint

Introduction to Moovly

Moovly is a video animation tool that allows you to within a timeline to create streamable videos. The Moovly tool is a free web-based video editing tool that can be accessed by going to https://www.moovly.com and selecting the Login/Sign up for free button. Once you have an account you can learn how the tool works by viewing the following introduction to Moovly.

Introduction to Animation in PowerPoint

Many forget to use PowerPoint can be used to create animated videos. The following resources are all found in Lynda.com. If you don't have a Lynda account make sure to go to our [Lynda] article for information about what this tool is and how to create an account. While this list of resources below covers many tools found in PowerPoint used to animate your videos the recently added the Morph Transition tool for creating dynamic videos may require you to update your version of PowerPoint. The following links will take you to the videos that show both basic to advanced animation resources.

PowerPoint Video Production

For this support section, we are providing you a tailored list of resources from Lynda.com. You will need to create an account to access this resource and the directions for creating your Lynda account are found at Howe to create a new Lynda account. The first step to building a video that is animated and dynamic would be to check out the comprehensive video course PowerPoint for Office 365: Annimation, but I have curated a list of some of the highlights here and the first thing I want you to check out is the new Morphing tool. While there are many effects listed below this one is really changing my thoughts about PowerPoint as an effective and efficient way to create cool videos.

PowerPoint Annimation

Deciding how and when to use an animation can be very challenging to most students. We tend to do it too much or too often and that can distract from our message The following video address some of the key design factors to help guide you in the decision.

Whare some other PowerPoint Techniques?

So in this next section, we will look at several of the tools and techniques you can use to animate photos, objects, and words.


The Morphing tool is new to PowerPoint and makes animating an object and other things a snap compared to other tools. In this Introduction to the Morph Tool video is an excellent space to start learning about this tool. The following videos dig deeper into the effects you can create with the Morph tool

Other Animation Techniques

Converting PowerPoints into movies

When you are done with your PowerPoint you will need to convert this into a movie. The following video shows you how to Convert PowerPoints into Movies.

Submitting YouTube Vidoe

If you chose to upload your video to YouTube you will need to obtain the URL to that video with your professor and post it to the correct Assignment Submission Folder for this course. The following steps explain how to obtain the URL and submit this video to your professor.

Step 1

Go to the YouTube video you wish to submit for this assignment and click on the Share button below the video.

Step 2

Copy this URL (e.g. https://youtu.be/iMcvcPLQwr8) to your clipboard and pasted it into a Word document (more to come on this in Step 3). Also test the URL in a new tab within your browser to make sure you copied the entire URL.

Step 3

Create a new Word document and paste the URL from your YouTube video along with the Date and Time of your presentation. Save this document as you will be submitting to Assignment Submission Folder for this Assessment.

Step 4

Log into D2L BrightSpace and go the correct Assignment Submission Folder found within the Assessment menu of your course.

Step 5

Click on the Add a File button and upload the saved Word document you created in Step 3.

Step 6

Paste the YouTube video URL, Date, and Time of your video presentation into the Comments Section and click on the Submit button.

DLC STARS/Presenter

  • Chad Kjorlien
  • ckjorlien@winona.edu
  • 507-457-5167

Additional Resources

Moovly Channel on YouTube