DLC Summer 2016 Class Projects/Sternberg (Thailand)

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Hello World Travelers!

TLT will be assisting you and Dr. Sternberg in the use of Microsoft OneNote to keep your journals during your time in Thailand this summer. Please direct any and all questions to tlt@winona.edu, both now (before you leave) and any time during your trip. Given that you will be using your iPads during the trip, our instructions will focus on using OneNote on the iPad.

Installing Apps

Install several apps on your iPad if you don’t have them installed already. These are big apps so you want to do this now, before you leave. Please install the following apps:

You can get these from the Apple App Store (links above) or from WSU Apps. If you need any help installing these, just email tlt@winona.edu. When you have the apps installed, start one of them and sign in using the instructions on Microsoft Office for the iPad. You can also set up the apps to use your WSU Microsoft OneDrive for Business storage as part of this process. You only need to do this once. If you run into issues, just contact us at tlt@winona.edu immediately and we will walk you through it.

Additional Instructions

  • Once you are done installing Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and OneNote on your iPad, open up the OneNote app.
  • Select the “hamburger” icon (the three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner. Menu-alt-512.png
  • Under “Notebooks,” is the Thailand Travel Study 2016 notebook. Click on it to open it. If you do not see it there, select "Open More".
  • This is where you can post Journal entries about your trip.
  • On top, you will see a series of tabs, one of which will have your name on it. Only you and Dr. Sternberg have access to that section.
  • When you select it, you are taken to another area of your notebook that only you and Dr. Sternberg can access. Across the top of this section, you will see a tab called “Journal.”
  • Here, you can take notes about your trip on a “page.”