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Project Details


Professor Hansen is using PowerPoint to create videos for Individual journaling/reflective writing. You will be required to have 5 reflective journal entries over the course of our stay in La Merced, then at least one reflective journal entry for our time spent between Lima, Cusco and Aguas Calientes, totaling 6 reflective journal entries. The journals will be made using PowerPoint and descriptive information will be necessary in the “notes” section for each slide.  The descriptive notes will tell a short story about the picture(s) presented on that slide. In this Custom Student Support, we have provided directions for checking your hard drive has enough space for all the photos and videos you will be taking during your trip, steps for creating your journals/reflective writing assignments with PowerPoint, convert these PowerPoint slides into video and share them with your professor.


  • PowerPoint
Fig 1. Checking hard drive capacity

Checking Hard Drive Capacity

Every hard drive has a maximum storage capacity. As you install programs and save files, the drive fills up. This is especially the case when we put video and photos on our hard drive. This is especially important to check before you travel as it is too late to pull content off or try and delete files while you travel, often without internet connectivity, do back up your content. So the following directions explain how to check your hard drives. You may also want to see the articles on Backing up Files (Mac and PC).


To check the maximum capacity, how much space you have used, and how much space you have left, do the following:

  1. Control-click the hard drive icon labeled MacBook Pro ## (e.g., MackBook 12) on your desktop and select Get Info
  2. Listed in the box under the General heading will be the capacity and available drive space (Fig 1)


Fig 2. Hard drive and home folder icons for HP 840

To check the maximum capacity, how much space you have used, and how much space you have left on your PC you can follow the steps listed below.

  1. Double-click the This PC icon (Fig 2) on your desktop.
  2. Below the icon for your hard drive off to the right you will see a capacity indication (see Fig 3.)
Fig 3. Checking PC hard drive capacity

PowerPoint Journaling and Reflections

For this assignment you will be using PowerPoint. While this may be a tool you have used in the past, it is clear that many don't realize just how many different ways this tool can take your photos, videos, and other text to document your travel experiences. I

Audio and Video in PowerPoint

The following video is great for learning all the different components of adding audio and video into your PowerPoints.


Using notes is easy to use and can be used to document off screen content within each slide of your PowerPoint. The following video show you how to use this powerful tool

Animating your Images, Text, and Shapes and Icons

The following Lynda content ( see here for signing up for your Lynda Account) The newest feature that most are excited to use is the Morph tool. I would strongly recommend checking out the way the Morph Tool allows you to create eye-popping animations that keep your audience attention while you move through your presentation of content.

Converting PowerPoint to MP4

For this assignment you will be tuning your slides into a video. To convert a PowerPoint you will want to make sure you have all your audio, video, and images playing exactly the way you want them to look in the presentation. If you recorded narration, just make sure all the timing is just the way you want it before converting it into a video. For best results you will want to check out the video


To simply convert your PowerPoint to a movie on a MAC you will go to the File menu in PowerPoint and select the Export option. Select the MP4 option as show below.


Once you select the MPR the following options com up and you can select Internet Quality.



The PC process of converting your PowerPoint into MP4 is done by going to the File menu and select Export. Within the Export menu you will be able to choose the video quality (HD 72p or Full HD (1080p) if you have lots of room on you hard drive to store these files. You may also wish to set Timing and record Narration and this can be done at this time as well and once you have the settings as shown below hit the Create Video button. PowerPoint Export PC.PNG

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