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Outline will be posted soon ... please check back.


Workshop Outline

What is OneNote?

why use OneNote over other note taking software like word

Creating a Notebook

  • Creating Sections
    • pages and subpages

Creating and Adding content

  • Importing content
    • Pictures
    • Other Microsoft Software
    • Audio/Video
    • Recording
    • Adding Mathematics and Tables
    • Writing Tools
      • Handwriting to typed text

Formatting Notes

  • How to use the Ribbon
    • Page Setup

Organizing the Interface

  • Make the use interface more to a personal feel.
  • Search tools
  • Creating Templates for quick integration

Sharing Notebooks

  • Saving to computer or OneDrive account
  • Inviting others to share your notebook
  • Creating a Shared Notebook
  • Password Protection on Notebooks
  • Setting Back up options

Star Presenter

  • Jorge Burns

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