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When creating quizzes in D2L it is necessary to customize quizzes based on needs and accommodations. In some situations adjusting the restrictions in one version of the exam will be adequate, but in other cases a second version of an exam needs to be available.

Set-Up for Accommodations

Text to Speech

There are two quizzing features that impact the use of a text to speech program. The first is Respondus LockDown Browser (quiz restrictions) and the second is disabling the right click (quiz properties).

Best Practice: Create an exam that does not require the student to use Respondus LockDown Browser(LDB). Text-to-speech converters do not consistently work with LDB and, therefore, impact testing.
If using Respondus Lockdown Browser: If requiring the use of LDB for a quiz, follow one of the two suggestions to allow for text-to-speech converters to work.
  • Option 1: Do not disable the right click in quiz properties for all students taking the exam. Students will not be able to copy, paste, or print since LDB is required. One version of the exam is necessary.
  • Option 2: Do not disable the right click (quiz properties) for select students taking the exam. This would require faculty to create a second version of the test. Students would be able to highlight text allowing for the native speech application to work using on a Mac.

Extended Time and/or Different Testing Date

Allow selected users special access to this quiz: This option allows faculty to change restrictions for students such as time and availability of the exam. For example: when students need to take an exam at a time earlier or later then the scheduled time for a quiz, faculty can use this option to schedule accordingly.

Allow only users with special access to see this quiz: This option allows faculty to make available a customized exam only to the students granted the appropriate access. Students without special access will not see the quiz on their list of quizzes in D2L.

Always Save before exiting out of the edit mode or moving to a new tab.

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