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Obviously being connected to and Ethernet cable while doing a quiz is ideal. That said, we have many rooms with wireless capacity that allow for quizzes to be taken by well over 100 users. Wireless connections present some challenge for our network, but results can be improved if some careful steps are taken to improve your quiz completion outcomes.

Wireless Quizzes

  1. The use of Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) has posed some challenges for our wireless quizzes. Deactivating this tool is obviously not ideal, but in some rooms necessary.
  • One option is to stagger start times or test days for large classes.
  • What we have found when class sizes are larger than 150 students we will turn off LDB and randomize questions, answer options, and then set an enforced time-limit on quizzes.
  • See also the LDB Best Practices
  1. Minimize the use of large photos or other multimedia files within questions.
  2. Conduct practice quizzes to stress-test network capabilities
  3. Remind students to have their virus protection checked before quizzes
  4. Remind students to update LDB before class to assure they have the most current version.
  5. In extreme cases room rescheduling is necessary.