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Steps for Regrading All Attempts for a Quiz Question

1. Select Quizzes from the top navigation bar in the D2L course
2. Select the quiz in which the question(s)need to be regraded
3. Once in "edit mode" for the quiz select the Grade icon D2L Quizzes Grade 1 .png
4. Select the Questions tab D2L Quizzes Grade 2.png
5. Next, to regrade all attempts for a particular question, select: D2L Quizzes Grade 3.png
6. Now scroll down to the question and click on the question. A new screen will open showing the question and questions statistics.
7. Scroll down to the Grade heading and re-score accordingly given the following prompts select:
D2L Quizzes Grade 4.png
8. Save the change(s) before existing out of the screen.
9. To return to the list of quiz questions and continue to make modifications to scores, select Go Back to Questions in the upper left.