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WSU Faculty creating a D2L quiz in which learners are required to use Respondus LockDown Browser.

Best Practice

Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB) is ideal for testing in a face-to-face setting or in and ITV environment in which the exams are being proctored. LDB can be used for testing during an online courses to minimize copying, printing, emailing, and viewing other websites, but it should be coupled with other D2L Restrictions.

  1. Enable Respondus Lockdown Browser in the D2L Quiz
  2. Create a Practice Exam for students to take before the scored quiz
  3. Inform Students to Install Respondus Lockdown Browser following the steps on the D2L Homepage News
  4. Require student to complete the practice exam to ensure LDB is working properly prior to the quiz

Designing for Accommodations

Although LDB is used to secure an online testing environment, it can also hinder the success of a learner in which accommodations are required. It is suggested to create a separate exam in D2L, one that does not require the learner to use LDB, for exams requiring a text to speech option.