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If you are looking to conduct quizzes that restrict students ability to see other types of resources (i.e. like a closed book exam) you will need to activate the restrictions capability within D2L quiz tool. The restrictions tool we use is Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) and this software that prevents the user from accessing anything on their computer except on D2L.

Special Note: When using LDB it is recommended that a practice quiz is given before the graded exam is conducted to assure students have the most current version of the software. See other best practices in the article Setting Up a Quiz using Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Establishing Testing Restrictions

Instructors are able to set-up restrictions for D2L exams when in the "Edit" mode of the quiz, by selecting the restrictions tab.

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1. Inactive/Active: For students to have access to the quiz the status needs to be "Active".
  • "Has Start Date" and "Has End Date" can be establish when initially creating the quiz or at a later time. Setting a start date and/or an end date controls when students can start the quiz.

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2. Password Protected: Faculty can password protect the exams and release the password to students prior to starting the exam.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser: To enforce the use of Respondus LockDown Browser (LBD) for a quiz, select required to take this quiz. To enforce the use of LBD to view quiz results and feedback, select the feedback and result option.

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3. Time Limit: This is the time allotted for students to complete the exam. You can add an additional grace period on top of the exam and reinforce the time by selecting the "enforced" and "show clock" options.
  • Submissions: To enforce the time utilize the Auto-Submit Attempt option. When the time and the grace period is exceeded, this option forces the students to submit their quiz (they can no longer save or change answers).
4. Allow selected users special access to this quiz: This option allows faculty to change restrictions for students such as time and availability of the exam. For example: when students need to take an exam at a time earlier or later then the scheduled time for a quiz, faculty can use this option to schedule accordingly.
5. Allow only users with special access to see this quiz: This option allows faculty to make available a customized exam only to the students granted the appropriate access. Students without special access will not see the quiz on their list of quizzes in D2L.
6. Always Save before exiting out of the edit mode or moving to a new tab.