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Intended Audience

WSU instructors using Desire2Learn or those interested in using this instructional management system in the future.


The D2L Discussion tool allows faculty to promote asynchronous communication within a class or group within a class. This forum allows faculty to present curriculum and encourage online dialogue between and with everyone in the course or partitioned groups discussion board.

Steps For Creating D2L Discussion

1. Login to D2L and select the course you want create a Discussion.

2. Within the Communication menu select the Discussions link.

3. Select New button and choose Forum.

D2L Discussions New Forum.jpg

4. Name new forum and select the Save and Add Topic button. You must first create a forum before you are allow to place a topic within a forum.

5. Title your topic for the forum, set posting options (note: new setting that forces users to compose and post message before they can participate in the topic).

D2L Discussions Blind Posts.jpg

6. Next you may want to set visibility of your topic. This will allow a student to see the discussion and is by default set to be always visible, but can be hidden or visible for a specific date range. You may also wish to lock a topic so students cannot add more posts to the discussion and this is done under the Locking Options section. D2L Discussion Visablity and Locking Options.png

7. Save and close your settings and your class can begin participating in the discussion.

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