Draft:DLC Fall 2011 Class Projects/Tanya Rolfson (Mass Com)

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Mass Comm

  • 1 class
  • students to create 30 - 60 second radio commercial

Class Location, Days and Times

Phelps 109

  • T - September 27th
    • 11:00 am

Outline of Project

  • students execute a simple radio spot in GarageBand - voice, music, SFX
  • 30 or 60 second spot
  • incorporate voice, sound effects, and possibly music
    • (SFX, voice recording, jingles, saving, exporting, editing, etc.) Mainly the basics.
  • she is requesting that we record something and manipulate it (volume, speed, voice adjustment, fade in/out, etc) to present to the class.

Important Things to Cover

  • Balancing the sound (Background vs foreground sounds)
  • Avoid having abrupt cuts/edits
  • Learn how to tell how many seconds the recording is.


DLC STARS Custom Assistance Requested

  • Andy Burns
  • Dennis Santiago

Helpful Info