Draft:DLC Spring 2010 Class Projects/Pat Paulson(Online Courses)

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MIS342, MIS362, MIS452 and MIS492

Summer Online Classes

Class Location, Days and Times


Outline of Project

In Dreamweaver - Students create website which they will use to submit their homework to Professor Paulson.

  • For summer online courses, we need to convert these instructions to Microsoft Sharepoint Designer for off campus/non WSU students to follow.
  • Softchalk lesson and camptasia movies need to be created - just like the ones we have to Dreamweaver.
  • Due April 2010


Online Help

  • Paulson Dreamweaver Homework Site Instructions (from Professor Paulson's webpage)
  • Paulson Homework Website Instructions with Movies Clips (Softchalk Lesson)

DLC STAR Assigned

Cindy Kirchner