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Turning Technologies is our standard clicker or personal response systems that we support at WSU. The adoption of this technology has several points to consider and a visit over to TLT Services will clear up many of the steps you will need to take to using this technology in your curriculum. This resource is designed to introduced to the three different clicker options you have, software and hardware you will be using, and several resources you may also wish to check out before adopting this technology in your own courses.

Turning Technologies Home Page

Clicker Options

While Turning Technologies has many solutions to choose from we have selected three options that faculty can choose from to best meet their learning objectives for their courses. We offer at the WSU book store and online the ResponseCard NXT, ResponseCard RF, and ResponseWare. These three options are covered in detail below.

ResponseCard NXT


The NXT is ideal for conducting self-paced tests and summative assessments. The NXT has all the functionality of the lower end RF keypads, with advanced capabilities such as cell-phone style text entry for short answer and essay questions. The other advantage of the NXT is that it allows students to do self-paced individualized assessments. The key questions types for this device: Multiple Choice Numeric Response True/False Multiple Response Fill-in-the-Blank Short Essay For more about this device you can go to the Turning Technologies page for more information about NXT

For a video demonstration of the NXT click here

The ResponseCard NXT User Guide is an excellent summary of all the functions of this device.


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With this option students can use their cell phones and laptops to participate actively in class. ResponseWare allows faculty to present a question during class and have students respond in real-time using a Wi-Fi or data connection. ResponseWare instantly transfers their selection for immediate assessment. There is no special software required to install or configure as this is done via the web. This solutions is also convenient for students as they do not need the an additional card device and is able to answer all the question of the NXT device. For more about this device you can go to the Turning Technologies page for more information about ResponseWare

For extensive video resources for ResponseWare click here ResponseWare FAQ

Software and Hardware

Stopping over in TLT Services to pickup the TurningPoint AnyWhere software and hardware can get you up and running with the technology, however, we recommend attending a TLT workshops (see listed in next section) to learn the different options we have and instructional strategies you might want to use these devices with.

TurningPoint AnyWhere works both on Mac or PC with TurningPoint AnyWhere. The online video tutorials for this technology that cover basic polling and reports, as well as how to use a Question List, Participant List, Countdown Timer, and Response/Non Response Grid. If you would like to start learning how to uses these systems please feel free to check out the Tutorials for your laptop platform.

PC Tutorials for TurningPoint AnyWhere

MAC Tutorials for TurningPoint AnyWhere

Resources for use of student response systems in the curriculum

TLT Workshops

More Turning Technologies Resources

Turning Technologies Resources

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