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About this article


This article includes information about the D2L Binder app for iOS and Android devices. It is intended for WSU students, but may also be of interest to instructors who would like to see how using Desire2Learn and wanting to work on assignments on their tablet devices.

Uploading Files


Once you have completed your work in D2L Binder, you may need to upload it into a D2L Brightspace Dropbox. It all begins with the Export button.

  1. Tap the document from the document list to open it for editing.
  2. If the menu bar is not visible, tap anywhere on the document to make it appear.
  3. Tap the Export button in the bottom right of the display. (See the example at left.)

Emailing to Your Laptop for Upload

One method for uploading files back into the Dropbox is email them to yourself and do the upload from the laptop. After you have tapped Export as described above, tap Email in the pop-up menu and send the document to you. On the laptop, open the email and upload the attachment like you would any other document.

Uploading from the Photos Application

If your assignment includes posting a picture or a video you capture on the iPad, you can...

  • Email it to yourself and post it from your laptop, or
  • Open Safari on the iPad, opener course in D2L Brightspace, go tot he correct Dropbox and upload the file from Photos. Any files that are stored in Photos can be uploaded through Safari on the iPad.

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