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We will post questions we receive along with the answers so all can see them

Q & A

Q So I'm just a little confused about the laptop skin submission. Even the skin has to be themed "How I use my WSU tablet"?

(A) Yes – something in the graphic has to represent the tablet …. Someone using one, one sitting on a desk being viewed for studying, sitting under a tree reading from one, etc. There are a million possibilities and it does not have to be tied to WSU school work. (listening to music, watching movies, etc).

(Q) I was wondering for the digital photography competition, if we were limited to the photo editing programs listed, or if we could use other programs such as GIMP?

(A) It states in the overall guidelines that students must use WSU supported software or software that is freely accessible by all. If GIMP is freely distributed and available to all you may use it. Please be sure to list the software on the form when you submit.

(Q) I am not too savvy on digital art but I greatly enjoy to paint. I wonder if I may be able to paint a design and then take a picture of it with a nice digital camera. (A) You may create your cover skin any way you wish – but it must be submitted in a JPG format - size 13”x9”. You can use any colors you wish. If you choose to use purple you must use Winona State purple. This and more is explained on the Laptop Cover Skin Wiki page. Most of your questions specific to the Cover Skin Contest should be answered on this page. General questions about the e-Warrior Merrimak Scholarship e-Competition are answered here.