E-Warrior Aspen Capital eScholarship/2011-2012 Scholarship Recipients

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Creativity & Innovation

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2011-2012 Entries

Below are the E-Warrior Merrimak Scholarship e-Competition submissions for 2011-2012.

Digital Photography


Laptop Cover Skin Design


2011-2012 E-Warrior Merrimak Scholarship Recipients

Photography Scholarship Recipient

PhotographyRecipient.png Joseph Ahlquist, "The Walk to Class"

Laptop Cover Skin Design Recipient

CoverSkinRecipient.png Elizabeth Jacobs, "Lightening"

e-Warrior Jingle Recipient

One brave student entered into this event and he did a great job!

Jeremy Fast

e-Warrior e-Flick Recipient

We did not have any entries in this event this year.


Digital Photography

Photography placements.jpg

Laptop Cover Skin Design

Coverskin placements.jpg