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Creativity & Innovation
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Aspen Capital, in partnership with Winona State University, provides the latest mobile devices and technology to Winona State students.

A key component of the partnership established between Aspen Capital and WSU includes Aspen’s commitment to “give back” to the University. Accordingly, Aspen Capital is pleased to provide scholarships for the 2017-2018 e-Warrior Aspen Capital eScholarship events. This year Aspen Capital has generously donated $20,000 enabling us to provide 20 students with a $1,000 scholarship for the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program. These scholarships will be awarded through our eWarrior Aspen Capital eScholarship events (formerly called e-Competition).

This Year's Theme

CREATIVITY & INNOVATION. Recreate what's been created ... your way ......OR create something new

This is your opportunity to creative and innovative ... and win $1,000 for your ideas! Be creative!

About the 2017-2018 Event

One (1) $1000 e-Warrior Aspen Scholarship will be awarded to the winner of our "Laptop Cover Design" competition. Design a laptop cover that we may use in the future. The covers we use for the e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program are removable vinyl “skins” for protecting and customizing the laptops. Use your creativity to design the cover that we can use in the future. You can use an original, customized photograph or design your own using any application that is available on your tablet or your computer. You must, however, follow certain criterion which is explained in full on below under "Guidelines".

Please take the time to view entries from other years. You will find them below under "Past Events".

About Skin Covers

  • A laptop skin is a precision-cut vinyl adhesive material, usually with some design, photograph, or other image, designed for application to the outside of a laptop, usually on the back of the LCD screen.
  • Laptop With Cover:

Laptop cover 2014 1.jpg


  • Design a skin cover for a laptop computer in a JPG format - size 13”x9”.
  • The following criteria must be met:
    • Entry must be created/edited on WSU tablet or laptop.
    • Entry must follow theme.
    • Two winners will be chosen from this portion of the competition: One who used a laptop to create the skin, and one who created the skin solely with the use of their tablet.
    • The Official WSU logo or wordmark must be used on the design and the logo must be 1”x1” or larger (images are provided below - see Image Gallery and Color Information).
    • If using the color purple, the design must use the official WSU color (see Image Gallery and Color Information below).
    • The WSU Selection Committee reserves the right to disregard entries that are not entered according to guidelines or considered inappropriate.
    • Please take the time to check to be sure that your entry is submitted in the correct format.


  • Selection of scholarship recipient will be based on the following:
    • Creativity – 40%
    • Visual Appeal – 30%
    • Represents WSU – 30%
    • Created on laptop or tablet. One award will be presented to each.
  • Three (3) Aspen Capital e-Warrior Scholarship may be awarded for this competition - 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


  • Peggy Tomcheck, President/CEO of Aspen Capital
  • Sophia Szabo, Aspen Capital


By submitting an entry, I guarantee that the content of my entry is free of any copyright restriction and agree to provide WSU with copies of any copyright releases I have acquired, should they be requested. Winona State University cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from possible copyright violation. I agree to defend and indemnify the University and/or the University’s licensees and assignees and hold them harmless against all claims, suits, costs losses, damages, and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that the University and/or the University’s licensees and assignees may sustain by reason of any unlawful matter contained in the program. WSU also reserves the right to use submissions to the e-Competition, in whole or in part, for future promotion and demonstration.

Submission Information

You must use this form to submit your entry. Remember to attach your file!

Questions about this scholarship or file formatting and design

General Questions

Char Gorak
Library 105

Image Gallery and Color Information

*WSU Purple


Hex #4B08A1 R: 75, G: 8, B: 161 C: 92%, M: 98%, Y: 0%, K: 0%

Warrior Head.jpg FW Black.jpg WSU LOGO 10 17.jpg WSU Wordmark10 17.jpg

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