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Entourage Setup for Mac

Entourage is an alternative to the Winona State University online Email system (email.winona.edu). Instead, it uses a program that connects to the WSU email server to retrieve your mail and send out emails, along with several other functions. In order to use Entourage, you will need to follow a few simple steps in order to set it up.

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Automatic Setup

1. When Entourage opens, the Setup Assistant should automatically launch. If it does not, go to Entourage > Account Settings > Create New.

Setupassistant step1.png

2. Enter in your WSU email address. Check the box next to "My account is on an exchange server."

3. Click the right arrow to continue.

4. If you see the dialog box below, continue on to step 5. If the dialog box asks for a "Kerberos Password," cancel the setup and refer to the "Manual Setup" section.

Setupassistant step2.png

5. Enter the following information into the dialog box, then click OK.

  • Domain: Type "WINONA" into the field.
  • Account ID: Your WSU user name (the same one used to check your email and D2L).
  • Password: Your WSU password (the same one used to check your email and D2L).

6. If your account was set up successfully, you will see the box below. Click the right arrow to move to the next dialog.

Setupassistant step3.png

7. When see the box below, setup is complete. Click on "Finish" to add the account to Entourage.

Setupassistant step4.png

Manual Setup

1. Go to Entourage > Account Settings > New. If the Setup Assistant launches, click on the "Configure Account Manually" button in the lower left corner.

2. In the New Account window, choose "Exchange" in the Account Type drop-down menu, and click OK.

Manualsetup step0.png

3. Enter the following information into the "Account Settings" tab:

  • Account Name: Give the account a name (Winona works fine).
  • Name: How you would like your name to be displayed in emails you send and receive.
  • Your email address

Make sure the "Use my account information" button is check under the "Authentication," then enter the following and click OK.

  • Account ID: Your WSU Username.
  • Domain: Type "WINONA" into the field.
  • Password: Your WSU Password.

Manualsetup step1.png

4. Next, click the "Advanced" tab and enter the following information:

Click OK to finish setting up your account.

Manualsetup step2.png


Please note that it may take up to 5 minutes for your account to fully sync with the server. You may not see your email and calendars until your account is fully synced.

If you still do not see any of your emails or calendar items, make sure the correct account is selected. Look for the name you gave to your account (Winona, for example) and click to expand the list. You should now see your items. If "On My Computer" is selected, you will not be able to see your items.

Leftpane list.png

Other Resources

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